Learning Efficient Design - For Instructional Designers

Ā Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically changing the way your Instructional Designers design and develop learning.Ā 

Instructional Designers (content creators), who use ChatGPT and other AI tools, need to create learning content differently.Ā Ā Because of AI, they have a unique opportunity to speed up the design and development process and produce higher quality learning programs.

Do your Instructional Designers know how to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create highly efficient learning design?Ā 

There are specific learning design skills, strategies, and tactics we can teach your Instructional Designers to ensure they are designing more efficient learning that has higher impact!

Learning Efficient Design Using AIĀ - Benefits

Empowers Learning Designers to:

  • Unlock the immense content creation efficiency of Artificial IntelligenceĀ 
  • Leverage highly relevant learning efficient design skills and strategies to streamline the content creation process
  • Think smarter than AI
  • Reconstruct existing learning content so it's enhanced and significantly moreĀ brain friendly
  • Supercharge the learning process for all employees
  • Revolutionize how employees engage with learning content
  • Accelerate your employees' abilities to learn faster, smarter, and better

Learning Efficient Design Using AI -Ā Program

(CustomizedĀ  for Your Organization)

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