Custom-Designed Learning

What new knowledge and skills do your employees need to learn?

We partner with you, your team, and subject matter experts to determine your organization’s human performance needs. 

We then custom-design learning solutions that support the achievement of your organization’s performance improvement goals and objectives.

Learning Needs Analysis / Assessment

The initial challenge is to identify your organization’s learning needs versus performance management issues.

We do the following to make sure that the results of the learning needs analysis process are relevant and actionable for your organization:

  • review applicable existing learning programs, materials, and resources
  • work with you and your team to organize subject matter expert interviews, focus groups and/or conduct surveys / questionnaires.
  • analyze the results
  • prepare a report that identifies the high priority learning needs and recommended learning solutions.
  • meet with you and other stakeholders to review the results and identify next steps.

Note: Sometimes a learning intervention is not the solution. Instead, environmental or performance management issues may need to be identified and addressed.

Learning Strategy and Design Blueprint

It takes strategic thinking and planning to figure out how to improve your organization’s human capital.

We have the expertise and years of experience to custom design and document a comprehensive Learning Strategy and Design Blueprint to support the continuous improvement of your organization’s greatest asset — your people.

We know how to craft a customized and dynamic learning strategy (or update an existing learning strategy) to meet the learning design and development needs for your: 

  • organization
  • specific units / departments, and/or
  • job functions (specific job competencies)

Your custom-designed  Learning Strategy and Design Blueprint will guide your learning design and development decisions so you can more easily respond to the future of work and learning challenges. 

Custom Learning Design and Development

All custom-designed learning solutions, no matter the delivery methods and media, follow specific learning efficiency design best practices and strategies to meet your learners’ needs.

We can custom-design and implement competency-based learning and performance development solutions for whatever your employees need to learn.

At Learnware Design we follow the Brilliant Brainloading™ Process (a proprietary learning acceleration process).  It’s a proven and innovative methodology for designing highly efficient and effective learning programs:

  • online
  • classroom-based (virtual or in person)
  • blended

We’ve mastered state-of-the-art learning design and development methodologies so your custom-designed learning solutions result in increased learning retention, accelerated competence, and employee performance.

Let's Explore Your Organizations' Custom-Design Learning Needs! 

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