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Accelerated Job Competence™ 

We are workplace learning experts who work with organizational leaders and their employees to accelerate job competence for increased performance, productivity, and profits!

Learning Efficiency

No matter your employees' current learning efficiency levels, we have the expertise, knowledge, skills and strategies to increase learning efficiency to dramatically enhance the results of your organizational learning initiatives!

Learning Efficient Organization

Your organization can reap the benefits of being a true learning efficient organization!

By following organization-wide learning efficiency best practices your organization will:

  • reduce employees' time to job competence 
  • create a culture of continuous learning and improvement
  • increase employee performance capacity and capability! 
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Learning Efficient Design Using AI

Your Instructional Designers will design faster, smarter, and better by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and following the neuroscience of learning design skills and strategies. 

Your IDs will quickly create optimal learning media in a timely and resource-efficient manner. 

Your Learning Facilitators will be able to enhance their participants' learning efficiency to support true transfer of learning in the workplace.

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Learning Efficient Employees

Your employees will learn how to gain, retain, recall, and reuse new knowledge and skills - quickly and efficiently!

Employees who learn efficiently can:

  • become job proficient and productive faster
  • adapt more easily to changes in the workplace (technology, processes, and procedures)
  • develop new skills more rapidly
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